About Us

Artworktee was started in 2014 by Neil Fox with the goal of creating an original furry merchandise company. The company grew over time and by 2018, it was a major stable in the furry fandom as an apparel merchant. However things started taking a turn for the worst when Neil started employing unethical business practices. Just to name a few; not paying artists properly, not paying promised dues to charity, not providing promised kickstarter rewards to customers and marketing other artists’ designs as his own. All these feats and more started plummeting the sales and reputation of the company, which peaked with the failure of MFF 2019. Eventually, the low con sales, the general failure of the company, and a few other reasons caused Neil to file for personal bankruptcy a few months later. Neil distanced himself from Artworktee and passed the management of the company to a close friend of his that continued to run it while trying to fix his mistakes and rebuild from the bottom until about a year later.


In July of 2021, Artworktee was officially dissolved by Neil and Reformed by Raph and Torben to take the company back on track. Since then the company rebranded, restructured financially and legally to be in compliance with applicable laws, reorganized partners, backend systems and records, and started a few new programs to make the company more relevant for the Furry fandom with many more plans to come.


Today, the company is completely separated from Neil, the old owner, who has no influence or power over any aspect of Artworktee. The team are trying every day to restore the company’s reputation with the furry fandom and grow positive relationships with everyone it encounters.