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    Here are all the amazing artists that you can commission on ArtworkTee! Take a look, and pick your favorite to make you your very own custom shirt!

    Fleki: 25 y.o. Freelance artist from Russia, making art for living her entire life, happy to make this world a more colorful and less boring place.

    RemyWolf: Hi there, I'm Remy! I'm a gal with a biology degree and a passion for drawing, now living in Illinois after spending the majority of my life in NC, and then 5 years in Florida.  I am a self-taught artist, and I use a lot of my experience from working with animals to help translate their behavior and anatomy into fun characters. I have a lot of fun creating art, and I hope you might enjoy wearing it!

    Aescalligraphy: I believe that I am a masterpiece, and, at the same time, a work in progress. I love sharing positivity by means of doing creative projects, such as calligraphy. It's my way of spreading inspirational and motivational quotes to everyone!

    Altotune: The spider in the world wide web. A graphic designer that specializes in making beautiful designs with your photos.

    Arfeltees: I am a funny guy who loves to talk, learn new things, and make designs. I've been using Illustrator to make awesome typography designs for the past three years. I keep working until every client says "Wow!"

    Befish: Hey there! My name is Sarah Befish (Befishproductions)! Wait, you need more than that? I deserve overtime for this! I mostly known for my pony artwork, either from my purple OC and her obsession with socks, or just my normal canon fanart. Aside from ponies, I much prefer to draw humans, and have been practicing them for years; and that includes Anthros, or basically just humanoid ponies.

    Cas: I'm 32 and I've been doing freelance furry artwork for about 10+years. I love pokemon, horror, and anime. My strongest abilities are body expression and character expression. I live in PA with my wife, my service potato (dog) Raphael, a poolnoodle, a Borzoi, Starling, and our cat, Moth. You'll most likely see me at eastern conventions, like Anthrocon, Furrydelphia and Furpocalypse.

    Chuke: Hey there, I'm Cheslyn but I like to be called Chuke, a self-taught graphic designer. I fell in love with graphic designing four years ago when I was a teenager. I'm creative and I love modern, simple and catchy designs.

    Ckquintana: I'm a t-shirt designer who transforms various niches into awesome designs. I have creative flair, versatility, conceptual/visual ability and originality.

    Dyartisan: Hello there! Check out my artwork that I can do for you!

    eCartoonman: I am an online cartoonist and digital illustrator, based in the northern part of the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

    Ecmanaloto: Hello! I'm a freelance artist that wants the world to see my art/designs. I'm willing to learn new things to expand my knowledge and expertise. Let's make your ideas real!

    Evie Loki: Hi! I'm Evie - artist by day, magical girl by night. I love cats as much as I love drawing cute stuff. Working with me is going to be a blast! I look forward to making great art for you!

    Ferdz: Hi! I am Ferdinand Velasco. I am an Artist, specializing in Digital Imaging, Graphic Art, and I am a Prepress Specialist.

    Gem NC: My name is Gem and I work on all things geek and fandom. If you want unique merchandise for your favorite show, video game or comic book, I'm your go-to artist!

    Gloven Ramos: From doodles, to sketches, to very complex and detailed art, I do it all. I consider my artistic talent to be a gift. I use different tools to do my art, including traditional materials and graphics software. I'm still willing to learn new methods or techniques to improved my artwork. I am very meticulous with details, so I can guarantee to offer my best work to you.

    Ianvox: I am Ianvox, I love creative graphic designs, especially vector based art. I've been doing this for almost 2 decades now - it is my drive and passion.

    JamesArtist: Hi! I'm James Autor, an illustrator and graphic artist. I specialize in creating monster characters, dragons, and other characters similar to World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, and Gundam. I can create custom drawings per request, as well as realistic animal and human drawings.

    Kylie Angle: Hello! I'm an art hobbyist who is trying to pay her way through college. I work in mostly furry styles, but I love drawing ponies!

    Lloyd H: Hi there! I am Lloyd Anthony Hidalgo. I am a graphic artist, and I specialize in infographics, shirts and other print designs.

    MillicentDagpin: I'm a Graphic Artist who loves minimalistic design. I enjoy catching people's attention just using white spaces, color and contrast. I am a hardworking and reliable person, who works with passion and who just loves making beautiful things.

    Paul Velasco: I'm a versatile artist with long years of experience in traditional and digital art.

    RenjAndz: I am a graphic artist who makes designs that are colorful and eye-catching. I always do my best to capture the imagination of my clients. Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

    Rom.Wolf: I chose to be a graphic artist because it is what I want for myself. Being an artist is what I do and what I love to do. Creating designs and cool illustrations is my favorite part of the job.

    Rtq: I previously worked as a children's book illustrator for a publishing company. I enjoy drawing and digital painting cartoon character/anime characters, and other fun stuff.

    Seth: I'm a self-taught artist, who has been working for many clients around the globe since 2013. I enjoy sketching and digital art, and I look forward to expanding my skills by exposing myself to various types of art and techniques.

    Tarotski Tarot: Hi there! I'm Tarotski, a freelance artist. My interest in art started first as my hobby, and then I decided to do it for living. I draw cartoons, manga and portraits.

    Tep: Hey! Stephen here, I'm a graphic designer who just wants to share the vibe from my designs. Custom shirts are one of the best ways to show our thoughts and views in life. Looking forward to immortalizing your thoughts.