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Question: “What is your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?"

Answer: It's important to us that every customer is 100% happy with their purchase. If there's a problem, a product that doesn’t fit, or was defective in some other way, we will be happy to provide a replacement of the product or a full refund. In most cases, we don’t require the customer to send the item back, and we encourage our customers to give the mis-sized item to charity or to a friend. If the product is defective, again, usually no need to send it back. The simple fact is that tshirts are made by hand and, on occasion, some shirts will not be up to our quality standard. We will happily replace a customer’s order with another product of the same design and type or, if the customer prefers, a comparable product from our inventory. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied and will do everything we can to make that happen. Our full-time customer service staff is available during business hours via email or instant message to help with any issues.

Question: “What method do you use to print your shirts?”

Answer: We use both DTG (Direct to Garment) printing and screen printing, depending on the needs of the customer. Check out this video for an example:

Each of the printing methods (DTG or screen printing) has their own advantages and disadvantages. DTG printing is great for small orders of less than a dozen shirts, especially if those shirts have a large amount of colors or gradients. This is the method that most on-demand tshirt companies use, including Redbubble, Teepublic, and others. While this method is more expensive per shirt than screen printing, it offers incredible speed and flexibility for getting shirts ready. Screen printing, by contrast, is best for large quantities, especially of shirts that have limited colors and have big, bold shapes. This method takes more time to prepare for a print run, because we must make the screens, dry them, and prepare them before putting them on the screen printing machine. However, the cost is lower per shirt, and it’s possible to do a lot of fun things with the inks. For example, we often do UV reactive shirts or glow-in-the-dark designs with screen printing, which isn’t possible with DTG without super-specialized equipment. The bottom line is, in general, if we’re printing less than 12 shirts, we use DTG, and if more than 12, screen printing.

Question: “I want to do or enter one of your tshirt giveaways, how can I do that?”

Answer: We do frequent giveaways on our social media pages to help promote our artists, because of the great customer feedback we’ve received. Artists can contact us and, subject to our approval, we will add their name to the calendar for a giveaway. We will typically help create a gif or image post to promote their giveaway. For customers, they simply need to follow the instructions in the post to enter the giveaway, and then check back when the contest ends to see if they won. We will also contact the winner(s) via direct message to let them know that they’re the lucky winner and give instructions on how to claim their prize.

Question: “Do you pay shipping for winners of your tshirt giveaways?”

Answer: Yes! No matter where the winner lives in the world, we don’t ask them to pay a dime. We provide the product free of charge and don’t require the winner to pay for shipping.