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    How does ArtworkTee Work?

    How are your designs printed?

    We use high-quality DTG printing to make our shirts. Our designs print brightly with bold colors, and stand up very well to machine-washing. Here is an example of one of our designs printed on a shirt: 

    What type of shirts do you print on?

    Our shirts are heavyweight 100% cotton, made by Gildan (branded Alstyle). They are delightfully comfortable and fit well on all body types.

    What size or color should I buy?

    For the full details, please check out our Sizing and Color Chart.

    How can I order a custom shirt?

    It's a series of three simple steps!
    1. Pick your Style - we have dozens of great artists on our site who are eager to make your designs come to life! The prices on items marked "Custom Design" include both the cost of the shirt and the cost of custom artwork made just for you. 
    2. Pick your Artist - your artist will chat with you via email to learn exactly what you'd like for your design. Our artists will ask you for your description of what you want in words and pictures. Your artist will keep in contact with you during the process of making the design, updating you with sketches and in-progress work.
    3. Get your shirt - When you confirm that the design is complete to your satisfaction, you will receive the full-quality digital art as a .png file, and we will print and ship the shirt directly to you! Most shirts are delivered to the customer in about 14 days from the time you order.

    How does pricing work for custom shirts?

    Our pricing is super simple to keep things easy for everyone.
    Pricing: $20 per shirt + Cost of the artwork commission + shipping and processing.
    Artists on our site charge anywhere from $6 to $60+ for their design commissions. When you're choosing your design, most artists have the option to add extras, such as extra characters, a background, or extra details. If you have any questions before you make your order, feel free to Contact Us

    How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is $5 to anywhere in the USA or $10 for international orders.

    When will I receive my order?

    An average order will arrive 14 days after purchase.
    The artist you choose will respond within one business day to confirm that they can do the design for you. It typically takes about 7 days for an artist to complete the artwork for you, but the exact amount of time depends on the complexity of the design and the artist's queue. Your artist will keep you updated as to the progress of your order. 
    Once your artist has finished the design, it usually takes 1 day to print, and about 3 days to ship within the USA or about 7-14 days to ship internationally. Our goal is to deliver each shirt within, at most, 30 days.

    What's the difference between a Custom Design and a Premade Design?

    Custom Design: A unique, one-of-a-kind design made just for you. The products in the photos are examples of the artist's style, not the designs you will receive.
    Premade Design: A design by one of our artists that is ready for purchase right away. You get the design in the pictures on a shirt.

    What are your policies on Returns, Refunds, and Privacy?

    Returns and Refunds may be given for unopened or unused items within 30 days of purchase. See our Returns and Refunds page for more details.
    Your privacy and security are very important to us. We use high quality SSL encryption to protect your payment data and personal information. Find out more on our Privacy Policy page. 

    I'm an Artist, why should I consider applying to work for you?

    We offer way more than other websites to our artists - high commission rates, free promotion, weekly payments, no minimum payout, and much more. We can even help you create designs out of images that aren't tshirt-ready. Dozens of artists have already joined - Click here to learn more and apply.

    I'm a Social Media Creator, what can you offer me?

    If you have a dedicated audience and a creative voice, we would love to work with you! We can create a custom design just for you and your fans - Click here to learn more and apply.

    I own a business that needs custom designs, what can you offer me?

    We provide great solutions to businesses of all types and sizes - get your own shirt or graphic design for a fraction of the price that others charge. Click here to learn more.

    I run a convention. What can you offer me? 

    If you need a custom tshirt for your staff or attendees, let us help - we can provide great designs for you that fit your needs and your budget. Click here to learn more.

    I have a question that you didn't answer in this FAQ - where can I find more information? 

    If your question wasn't answered in this FAQ, please feel free to contact our Customer Service which is available during business hours. In addition, you can check out our Terms of Service which answers many important questions in detail.