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    [WHAT? 1.2]: Production/Shipping Updates, and Shared Heartbreak

    This is probably one of the most difficult entries, as a Content Writer, I've ever attempted to write. There is a couple weeks of information to unpack, so I'll start with the where the team is on current and any delayed orders, and I will add context where necessary. 

    For what is likely the only good news in the last two weeks, all designs for the Furry and Proud Kickstarter campaign and have been completed, and the orders along with any out of stock prints have been sent to the peinting company to be completed. We greatly appreciate the hard work of LuhBrazArt for the designs on the Furry and Proud project!

    On the topic of our printing company, we learned early last week that due to the disruptions caused by CV-19 closures, the current wait times for orders from them are extended by 5 to 7 days. This extended wait time will unfortunately apply to any orders made for items that are not in the warehouse. I personally apologize this news was not conveyed to everyone earlier.

    That brings us to the events of last week and through the weekend. On last Thursday the five of us in the team were made aware of a critical database issue with the original website, which has expedited our plan to roll out the new website here on the Shopify platform. To ensure the safety of the database and the information it has, the original website was taken down and we are working hard to get information migrated as fast as possible. There will be more updates of this process, though we are waiting for a server update from WordPress in a day to be able to continue this process. 

    The next day, our team member in charge of the warehouse found thenselves at risk with the violent police activites and fires near them, so they evacuated the area to keep safe and as such we will not have access to the warehouse for the next week, depending on how long police continue to incite violence around the US. This will cause a delay for orders that had items in the warehouse, so as of today we are delayed for both in and out of stock items. 

    On a personal note, the events of the last few days have left me heartbroken and full of grief, anger, and frustration with how much hatred is being shown against the people of color and the black community in the US., which has made it that much more difficult to write. I apologize for how long it took for this last update to be released, and while ArtworkTee is an international company, I speak for the whole team when I say we hear you, and stand with you in fighting oppression and racism. We remember, after all, the first PRIDE parade was a riot. I hope to coordinate something as an official response with the rest of the team, so updates on that will come as we figure things out. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions as well and we will do our best to reply as soon as we can. Stay safe out there.

    - Jamie Sharp