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    (WHAT? 1.1) What's Happening with ArtworkTee?

    Hi there, my name is Jamie Sharp and I'm now working with ArtworkTee to help with sharing updates on current projects, status updates, and to help explain the transition process the company is currently going through. My goal is to provide transparent and accurate information about current projects, issues, and solutions, and to help show you how the company is working to improve the experience you will have when engaging with ArtworkTee. I will be assisting with social media postings as well, so I am excited to engage with everyone and to help create a positive and inspiring experience for you all. 

    Now that I've introduced myself, there are a few things to unpack as there have been many things going on internally at ArtworkTee. To summarize the events leading up to the mass cancellation of conventions, ArtworkTee created plans and financed the work at the time expecting greater yields but came up short, leading to choices (creating too many crowdfunding campaigns at once, releasing items on the store before all campaign backers received them, etc.) that caused damage when the workload became too great. That damage was compounded with the advent of Covid-19, as supply chains for manufacturing saw delays and errors and conventions were rescheduling or cancelling for the year. Leading up to these major issues, the Founder of ArtworkTee knew that they had reached their limit and knew that they had to make a change very soon.

    Today, the Founder of ArtworkTee is no longer involved with the company, and new staff have replaced the old staff to manage and resolve the issues that had been left behind by the prior team. The new team is confident in the new CEO and their extensive experience, and everyone currently working for ArtworkTee thanks you, the community, for your continued patience while this transition takes place; We know it has been abundantly clear that the transition has not been perfect. Our shared goal is to create a better experience and make a positive impact on those who we engage with, so the team is committed to correcting the mistakes that had been made and being transparent in that process.

    If you were part of a crowdfunded project and did not receive your items yet or have an issue that remains unresolved, shoot us an email at and I (or another member of the team) will coordinate with you to resolve the issue and we will give you as much information regarding the time and logistics of the resolution as possible. We are grateful to you and the entire community for understanding the growing pains that ArtworkTee is experiencing, and we look forward to completing the restructuring process and growing along with the rest of this wonderful community.

    Signing off for now,
    -Jamie Sharp (ArtworkTee - Marketing Content Coordinator)