Artists and Vendors!!! Read this!!! – newartworktee

Please click this link Artists and Vendors

Artists and Vendors!!! Read this!!!

We need you all to please for the love of the Fox to please upload your art here
as we are Migrating to a new site if you want to sell designs with us as well please use the same form by doing so you can set your own price if accepted no SFW only!

Now as for the new payment system:
1. You will be labeled as a Vendor in our system but that only serves to help with payout
2. You will be manually paid once a month by whoever is tracking the app whick is more likely Roxanne  Vook and Torben
3.  we can look at the dates and see what is going on via Puppet Vendors and pay out that way

We hope that under new management we will succeed even though a lot is Delayed due to Covid 19 and suppliers not being able to supply due to being understaffed during these trying times.

I thank you for your patience and your compassion and understanding sticking with us through this utter chaos. We love you our valued customers and we hope that everything will be resolved soon.

-Roxanne Wolfe