Conventions and Event Merch

Need an awesome shirt for your event? Try our incredible quality and unbeatable prices – contact us with the form below to request a price quote and a FREE sample.
Here are some examples of what our shirts look like:
  • We make bulk screen-printed shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and more. The minimum order is only 12 pieces, with an average price of about $6-9 per shirt.
  • Our shirt design services are reasonably priced – most of our artists offer commercial and resale rights to you starting at just $50 per custom design. Say goodbye to waiting months for a volunteer or overworked artist to deliver your designs – our artists can deliver finished work FAST.
  • In addition, our staff members have many years of experience working at and owning conventions, so we know the business and can help you make the best designs possible. Whether you need shirts for attendees, staff, sponsors, or charity auctions, we can create a custom solution just for you that fits your needs perfectly.
Let us know in the contact form below how we can help you and what you need, and we’ll respond within 1 business day with a quote. Be sure to include your shirt size and mailing address so we can send you a FREE sample!  Remember – when you work with us, satisfaction is guaranteed.
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